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Welcome on the webpage of Anico – the home of timber-frame houses!

There are several terms for a lightweight construction type house on the Hungarian market. Some call it timber-frame house, others call it fast built house, and still others call it assembled house. The term expresses well the structural setup, and the construction characteristics of the building process.

In Hungary, assembled houses have no long tradition on the self-contained house construction market, but today the number of lightweight construction type timber-frame houses built is expanding rapidly.

Anico Kft. is a company founded in 1991 with a 100% Hungarian ownership background and it belongs to those enterprises engaged in the manufacturing of lightweight construction houses, timber-frame houses, that provide by themselves full-scale services to their customers, i.e. design, manufacturing and assembling.
The timber-frame house business branch of our company can therefore have overall control over these work phases, can direct and supervise them.

All the timber-frame houses, lightweight construction houses are customized and manufactured on the basis of design drawings particular to each of them.

We follow the building requirements of the customer right from the design phase. We discuss with him their family habits, and we design the outdoors and indoors environment accordingly. In the design and building of the lightweight construction timber-frame house of our customers as their future home, we pay particular attention to all details.

It is in our manufacturing plant at Nyíregyháza that we produce the wall panels of our wooden frame lightweight construction, small and large panel technology based blockhouses, and it is from there that we transport them to the whole territory of the country.

The prefabricated, high quality structures are then assembled and completed on site, by our own professional staff.

When deciding the technical content parameters of our buildings, and the range of services to be provided we came up with a mix where price and quality represent the best ratio.

What we offer to our customers:
 All our houses have a CELLULOSE INSULATION (this is the state of the art today, and we are the first to provide it on the timber-frame house market)
 Short completion time until turnkey delivery,
 Low exploitation and maintenance costs,
 First ISO 9001:2008 certification among the timber-frame house manufacturing and and sales companies
 ÉME certificate, MAKÉSZ and Magyar Termék (Hungarian Product) trade mark,
 Secure business background (100% Hungarian ownership background, 18 years in the business)
 Large panel timber-frame house technology,
 Use of natural materials in the construction of the timber-frame houses,
 Specific warranty,
 Prices that can be calculated.

As an option we recommend with our timber-frame houses the use of renewable energy sources, for producing hot water, and/or for the heating of the building
 electric heating,
 heat pump,
 solar collector,
 infra heating